Friday, January 23, 2009

I've been in a funk, which is why I haven't been here. No sense subjecting you all to my mopery. I really don't have anything real to complain about, other than the weather. Which I'm sure you're all tired of too!

Today, because I had to, I got out in the dreary world and enjoyed a little horseplay. All I did was move horses to a different pasture, but it was like a breath of fresh air. I really need my horse time, even if I think I don't feel like it.

First I moved Soxy and Cisco. They walk on either side of me very nicely, normally. Today they were in a bit of a hurry but nothing terrible. What's nice is I can throw Soxy's lead over her neck and let her graze loose while I take Cisco through the gate. He is a little bit afraid of an electric tape gate, but he's getting over it quickly. He's still pushy in the halter at times. It's going to take a while to change that. As a baby step in that direction I asked him to pivot either direction, and he was not good moving his front end away from me to his left. Took many tries, but eventually he got it. All other directions were great. Maybe he's one-sided or maybe he was rarely handled on his off side. Then I took good old Soxy into the pasture and she was not such a good old girl. Just wanted out of that halter, did a lot of head bobbing and trying to rub on me. So we stood there working on that for quite a while. She finally stood still but then when the halter was off she swung her head around and took off. (Rolling my eyes here) She was just happy, I can't hold it against her.

Then I went and got Bella. I decided a couple days ago that she and Scout can't live together anymore. She lets him get away with too much.

She was a nervous nellie today! It still amazes me how different a horse can be from one day to the next. Last week we went for a walk and she was marching up to anything that made her nervous and sticking her nose on it. Not today.

This is what her eye looks like when she's mildly tense.
The eyelid pulls away at the bottom. When she gets really scared it pulls away a lot more and wrinkles. It's weird looking. Scout does it too, but my other horses don't. You can read them by their eyes, but they aren't as extreme in their expressions.

Here are the boys pining after their girl:
My fence has grown a bunch of icy hair and is all ugly and saggy.

I've been honored with another award!
This one is from Linda at Beautiful Mustang. Thank you Linda!
It made me dream about butterflies. Lots of them. It was neat.
(I've been having weird dreams lately.)

So now I need to get around to passing on this and the lemonade award to others. Since I'm a little slow most of the people I'm passing them on to have already gotten them. I think the rules say I need to choose 10, so here they are in no particular order.

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If I keep going I'll be listing all the blogs I read. Truth be told I hate having to single out winners. You're all winners! This is stressing me out so I'm going to go now.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

I should have done what you did. Just disappear for a few days. This weather is enough to drag anyone down. Chin up, its almost February.

Kara said...

The hard snow is great for hiking don't sink in!

Catlow gets that same worried wrinkle under her eye. She's the only horse I've seen do it. It must be a personality thing...since Bella and Catlow seem to be a lot alike.

froglander said...

I hope things look better soon!

arlene said...

I know what you mean. I am so 'down in the dumps' right now. This cold dark weather seems never ending.

gtyyup said...

Thank you Andrea for the wonderful Butterfly are so sweet!!!

Don't's just for fun!