Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing the mules!

No, they're not mine. My sister and her husband got them around Christmas.

Here's Stanley. Or is it Strider? My sister's mule. She's having a hard time naming him.
He's like Tonka in a mule body. Which is really funny because my sister doesn't like Tonka's investigative (nosy) personality. But she's getting over that with her mule. He'll be 2 in May and he's TALL. I think he's already at least as tall as Tonka. I can't wait until she's riding him and we can go out on the trails together. He'll make Tonka's ears look small. :)

This is little Clara. She's about 7 months old.
She's kind of a little fart, and she reminds me of Scout. It's that sullen "make me" look. They both have it at times. I took her for a walk yesterday and she was mostly a good girl. She reared up once but didn't try to come down on top of me, which I guess is what she does to Jeff. Then she thought about trying it again but with a firm "NO" and a wiggle of the lead she decided not to. She just got wormed day before yesterday and had a bad worm load. So she's a little pot-bellied and thin right now.

They're brother and sister, and both are gaited. Their mama was a Missouri Fox Trotter. Their gait is weird looking! Especially on the boy, his legs are so long. He looks like something from Star Wars.

I think I'll stick with my mustangs for now. I still want a burro. But a mule will have to wait. My cup runneth over, and I am happy with the horses I have.


froglander said...

I don't know what I would do with one, but I think this little burro is adorable! https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/horse.php?horse_id=2599

Andrea said...

She was my favorite there too! So cute. I sure wish they'd bring some burros up to the local adoptions. Or one of these days maybe I'll talk Lea into giving me her little Yuma. He's a neat burro.

gtyyup said...

Oh the lil' mules are so cute! They'll come around with some consistency.

Hope Cisco's doing ok. And love the whip thing on the rope. I've done that with a few ropes, but have never heard of burning it. I only burn the ends if it's a poly rope. But, the line worked out nice for you. Good job!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

If we ever decide we want him to go somewhere else, Yuma will call you first. But for now, he is here for the duration.

Linda said...

Cute---especially the little one. I've never been tempted to get a mule. What led your sister to them?