Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a quick update on Cisco and I'm off to bed. He still wasn't drinking anything in the stall, but he was acting perky and was ravenous even with the soaked small meals I was giving him. So ravenous, in fact, that he was eating his own poop. So I put him out and scattered the hay over near the trough to hopefully entice him to drink there. I'll keep a close watch on him over the next few days and hope his silly bellyache spell is over.

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arlene said...

It was so nice he had to eat it twice.

Echo is the only poop eater I've ever had. He did when we first got him. I have no idea why he did it because he had lots to eat, salt, minerals and grain. He stopped after awhile.

I hope Cisco starts drinking soon. Oh, Wildairo suggests maybe he'd enjoy a cold brew instead of plain old water.