Saturday, February 28, 2009

I didn't do a thing with the horses today. I'm feeling a little guilty about it. But I did get some new horsey artwork! Well, they're hand-me-downs from my mom, but I ain't complaining! They're beautiful. Check em' out.

These first few are done by an artist from the Spokane Tribe named George Flett. I haven't met him, but my mom says he's a very nice man. All I know is I love his work. My favorite is the big one, for the horse of course. The sky is great too, and the man's face. The littler ones are more simplistic but I love the colors and the lines.

This next one was done by a friend of the family in New Mexico. Curtis. I can't remember his last name but I know he's a huge Bob Dylan fan. :) I've loved this one for a long time, and I still can't really believe it's mine now. This is a mesa in New Mexico. I remember him explaining how he did each shade as a separate layer. It takes a long, long time. It amazes me how artists can take something apart and put it back together again so perfectly. It's just beautiful.

The quality of these photos isn't very good and the color is off, but I'm kind of glad, I wouldn't want to encourage people to copy the pics off the internet. Please respect the fact that these are copyrighted images. I'd hate to cause problems and get in trouble for posting them here.

If you had been in my house and known me any amount of time (Della) you would know what an absolutely amazing thing it is that I actually put artwork on the wall, and it's even on special picture hanger hardware that wasn't already there! Previously I just stuck things willy-nilly on pre-existing nails or screws. I'm lazy. I admit it. Well, actually I think it's that I'm not good at arranging things, so it stresses me out, so I don't do it. But now it is done, and it is good. And one went up on a pre-existing nail. Sorry.

Oh, and I know, my bed is a little off center below the pictures. And I think it's going to stay that way. I'm not a perfectionist. Did I ever tell the story of my bed? It's neat. We won it at a raffle at our family reunion. I was so excited. It was made by my mom's uncle. Someday I'd like to buy a whole bedroom set to match it. Haha. Maybe when I win the lottery!

Guess who knocked at my window in the middle of the artwork hanging project? Two very handsome guys. John and Cisco were out and about, playing. John practiced some obstacle course stuff with him and he did just great. He tried real hard to understand what was being asked if he didn't understand, and he did it. John is getting excited about Mustang Days. Very cool. I'm excited that he's excited.

I've gotta get to bed now. We're getting up early to get the feeding done so we can go get 2 tons of rather heavy bales of hay. Joy. I'm glad to have good hay, but I wish they didn't make the bales 4 feet long.


Linda said...

I love the one in the center above your bed!

Tracey said...

Love your new horsey artwork!