Monday, March 02, 2009

Busy busy busy. I finally committed to buying some hay from my brother-in-law's brother (is there a shorter name for that relationship? Drives me nuts having to spit all that out) so we went and picked up two tons yesterday. I barely had to do any of the work since Larry helped load it in the truck. When we got home I just pulled bales down out of the truck for John to stack. I felt slightly cheated, not getting to help out. But not too much. They're big bales.

Then later Scout got to go for a big walk around the property. John and I talked about totally rearranging the way we have the place fenced so we can get more hay out of the place and use the unhayable areas for the horses. So we'd fence the big hill. And I won't be able to watch them out my kitchen window anymore. :(

All of the horses got a little attention yesterday while we were moving them to different pastures. I had Tonka all groomed to ride, but my mom told me it was pouring just west of us so I put him away. It never did come down hard until after dark, but oh well.

Today I went to the feed store. Since the kids were waiting in the truck I rushed through and picked up what I needed. The guy who checked me out laughed and said I know how to spend money fast. These critters are expensive. Luckily part of it was dog food or I'd feel even more guilty about how much these horses cost.

When I got home I had a dilemma. Work with horses or get some work done? Well, I did both. Warning: Unglamorous pictures below.

I cleaned out stalls while these three got to stand tied. So I guess I worked and they didn't, but it was good training time even though they weren't working. They need to learn to take a nap instead of being impatient. Tonka's good at that, but even he was a little antsy today.

I like this BellaButt picture.
Back to the unglamorousness of it all. I wasn't sure whether to post my nasty muddy pictures. But you know, I don't live in sunshine every day, and lately mud is my world. Never fear, they do have places to go to get out of the worst of the mud (my pastures, which they are ruining) so I refuse to be ashamed of their dirty habits. Why do horses love to coat themselves in filth? They all got groomed, which took me forever, and I am now filthy, but they were clean. Probably covered in mud again by now though.

See ya later, more work to do. It never ends...

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Yes, they are expensive, aren't they?

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