Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Darn that Tracey, she tagged me. Something about sixth folder and sixth picture. Well, I went to the 6th folder, and then the 6th folder, and then the 6th folder - oh wait, scratch that last 6th folder - and then the 6th picture. It turned out to be in the month of 6/06. The 10th day of that month, which happens to be Lyric's birthday. And this is what I found:

Laura leading Lyric. Lyric was ours then but belongs to Laura now. She loves him. I love him too, but I like loving him from a distance. Isn't he gorgeous? The butt in the foreground belongs to miss Emma. She's a draft filly I sold when I decided I was crazy to want to ride a horse that tall.

Today Tonka and Scout got to come out and play. Scout was just a spectator tied to the round pen, fidgeting and fussing with the rope and occasionally chewing on the wood, the little stinker!

Tonka got up close and personal with the porta-potty.

Anyone in there?

Then we tried out this Rhythm Collector type thingie (stolen idea from Richard Shrake). Tonka wasn't really getting it, but eventually he did start trying to find the sweet spot.

After that we walked up and down, up and down, up and down the driveway. He's become very spooky in the trees. By the last trip up and down he was breathing normally. At the bottom of the driveway I discovered I didn't have any reins, but luckily I had a halter and lead, so we rode back to the trailer.

I decided to turn him out with the fat horses. I don't want him getting any more alfalfa. I had cut him back, but I think none is a better amount.

Here's what he and Cisco are up to now:
Thumb wars, horsey style.
"I'm taller!"
"No, I'm taller!"
"No, I'm taller!"
And then it progresses to:

I finally caught them at it with the camera nearby! Nevermind that the pictures are blurry.

Unlike the fighting between Bella and Cisco when she was trying to keep him away from Scout, Tonka and Cisco aren't trying to hurt each other. Tonka's just trying to annoy his way into the dominant position, and Cisco's not buying it. Yet. Tonka is a VERY persistent horse.

Wow, blogging is a time-consuming exercise. I better get back to my real job. I have kids to nag about homework and chores, and chores to do myself. And I need to locate my husband. He's been all over the countryside today.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - our geldings do a lot of the same!

arlene said...

Those are really good pictures of the horses playing. Isn't it a good thing they don't do that when we're riding them.

froglander said...

Looks like Tonka and Cisco were having fun!

Linda said...

Those are EXCELLENT pictures!

Do you sale the rope halters with rings? I read it on Froglander's blog, and if you do, I'd LOVE to buy one from you, too.

Andrea said...

Thanks everyone. I was glad to finally get some pictures of them playing. And I was thinking the same thing as Arlene. Actually I was thinking, "We're crazy enough to ride these athletic creatures?" Glad they keep that behavior in the pasture.

Linda, I do sell them. I have some new rope so I'll do a post on that with pictures.

Linda said...

I'd like to get one exactly like you have on Tonka--without rings. I like the thinner rope since it fits nicely under the bridle--I love black rope halters--and I like the amount of knots you have on it. Where do I send a check to??