Thursday, March 05, 2009

Linda asked about halters, and I have some new pretty rope (plus it wouldn't hurt to bring in some funds for my health certificates for the year) so I thought I'd post an offer to make some halters. Halters for $15 and halters with rings for $20 (including parcel post shipping). 2 or 4 nose knots, your choice.

The left rope shall be named rope #1 and it is 1/4 inch. The middle rope shall be named rope #2 and it is 3/8" thick. Please ignore the right hand rope, I used it yesterday for my makeshift rhythm collector. Rope #1 would be better for a 4 knot halter. It is possible to make a 4 knot halter out of rope #2 but it's bulkier.

I also still have lots of 5mm thick black kayak cord, like this halter Tonka is wearing here:

Here's an example of rope #1 with 4 knots and rings. This is Kristi's new halter. The colors don't show correctly in this picture.

One other thing I have, and I think they're pretty nifty, are these nigh-unbreakable "clips" for lead ropes or reins. I say "nigh" unbreakable because I think they actually are unbreakable but I can't guarantee it. Haven't the facilities here to test their strength. :) These sell for $17.95 each at the only other place I know to get them. I'll offer them for $10 each or $15 for a pair, including shipping.

I was down in Lewiston looking at saddles the other day. I found one I love. Who knows whether it would fit the boy. But it got me thinking I really should get the new saddle sold so I can yet again be on the lookout.

This is a very lightly used (less than 20 rides) Circle Y Flagstaff Flex2 saddle. 16 inch seat. Circle Y calls it a "regular tree" which I think is equivalent to semi-quarter horse bars. The gullet measures 7.5 inches but this is a narrow fitting saddle. Which is why I'm selling it. It pinches my boy. Other than that I love it. It's comfortable and secure, and good-looking too! I'm selling it for $1000 firm (not including shipping).

Not much going on here today. The horses are hunkered down trying to stay out of the storm and so am I. I will probably go pester them in their stalls later. Maybe trim Bella's hooves.


Mrs Mom said...

Oh My Gosh!! This is too cool!!! I have been contemplating a new rope halter for my gelding, and looking and looking and looking... and not finding anything I liked (AND they were wicked expensive for poor quality. What is THAT about already??)

Totally excellent, and as soon as things level off here, I'll be in touch about so me toys!! (Halter, the connectors, etc...)

Kara said...

I really want some of your clips.

So the new saddle really is too narrow for Tonka? I'm surprised with his skinny withers!

Andrea said...

I guess it would have been smart to include contact info, huh? email me at andrea v @ turbonet . com (without spaces) if you're interested.

Kara said...

I love making rope halters too, but haven't been able to figure out the fiador knot. I just tie it into a basic knot. I have 15+ halters for my 3 horses....they are so fun! But now I make hats for humans instead of rope halters.

And I do want a clip, but we can discuss it when I come out next...I have to at least stop out and pick up my videos even if we don't go for a ride.