Monday, March 09, 2009

It's been a weird weekend. Friday at 2:30 am I woke up with a horrible migraine type headache. Numb tongue and hand, my head hurting so bad I thought I would puke. I haven't had one of those in many years. I spent most of Friday in bed feeling like I'd been hit by a train.

Saturday we went shopping in Spokane and came home on some really nasty roads with bad visibility because of the snow. I couldn't drive because of my head, and usually I'm a really bad passenger but I did just fine. Only once did I grab my "oh shit" handle and hit my imaginary brake. Then we headed over to Palouse for dinner with the in-laws.

Sunday, the first day after the time change, was a little weird. Too lazy. Not enough structure...

Now, to horse things. Today I had fun with Scout in the round pen and then trimmed his hooves. The idea was that I'd go for a walk with him while Coda ate his goodies, but Coda freaked out and forgot all about his food when I took Scout away, so we had to work close by.

Later in the day I went out and grabbed Bella for a walk up to the mailbox and down the road. It was pretty unremarkable.

What is with this? It's got to be Tonka's doing.

"Care for some apple pie?"

I spent some time kissing on my goofy boy and being mutually stand-offish with Bella. I find that sometimes she's more willing to interact if I don't invade her bubble. Then she'll invade mine, sniffing noses, and we'll end up on good terms, rather than me forcing my attentions on her while she leans away.

Later I had more horse work to do, but it was more of the gate-opening, trough filling, fence fixing type of thing. Not very interesting. I suppose most of this post has been a little boring. Such is life here lately.

There's a horse health clinic on Saturday that I need to take some horses to. Unfortunately I forgot John isn't available on Saturday. I was going to try to cram 4 horses in the trailer but now I'm not too sure I can do all that at once by myself. This vet is only 5 minutes away so I might make 2 trips. I'd like to get health certificates for Tonka and Cisco for sure, and maybe Bella and Scout. At this clinic they're only $35 each instead of the usual $90ish. Good deal. I think I'd better take all 4 of them. I hope they have a brand inspector there too, but I forgot to ask.

Gotta read to the boy. Good night!


Lea and her Mustangs said...

We will take 5 of ours to a clinic on April 11th. for health certificates, coggins ect. That sure helps the price. Am so sick of this snow. Oh well, its still winter. Hope to see you at the tack swap on Saturday. Will be there when it opens.

froglander said...

I hope you're feeling better! That migraine sounded awful.

It snowed here and after work Cody and I made all sorts of tracks in the snow in the back yard, was kind of fun I suppose, but it can all melt now!

Nice apple pie Tonka left for you....

Linda said...

I need to see where Lea goes to do that!! I need all of that stuff, too.

My sister got a bad migraine yesterday--do you think it's the change in the weather? She was out of commission bad. Sorry you had that happen, too.