Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I figured out why I like my vet so much. He freaks me out real bad and then he comes out here and makes everything better. And because the making things better part comes last it's what I remember. Like ending on a good note with your horse. He's got me trained. Not that this realization makes me love him any less. He's still a great vet. Just scares me sometimes. Maybe part of the problem is my worried description of symptoms when I talk to him on the phone.

So Soxy most likely has a sinus infection. He can't guarantee it's not a guttural pouch infection or a tumor. And he can't guarantee the antibiotics will cure it. But we're being hopeful. This puts to great use the leftover tetracycline I had from treating Tonka. Oh, and he didn't even think bloodwork was necessary, he said her recovery rate was good, color was good, etc, so he's not worried about her heart/liver/kidneys. Regarding the nasal discharge he said, "We're not out of the woods yet." But I sure feel more hopeful now.

He felt Tonka's jaw and was very happy, said he'd call the problem resolved. Whew.

As he does every time he comes out, he messed with Scout and marveled over the recovery of his eye.

He also reassured me that Coda is looking good, and if he's happy and comfortable it's not wrong to keep him around for a while. I was worried his diarrhea was bothering him a lot, but he said it's not that big a deal.

So all is well here, for now. I can't help but wonder What next???? I am ready to have a good horse year. It all stared with that darn Scout. Maybe when his birthday rolls around everything will be re-set and we'll have a year of healthy horses. Not likely, with old horses and young horses around. Middle aged horses seem to be the least trouble.

Oh, and I forgot to say how old Soxy is. She'll be 24 in May. I thought she was 25 this year but I looked it up and I was wrong, she's a 1985 model.


froglander said...

Glad to hear things aren't as bad as you'd feared they might be :) I know someone who has a horse still going strong who is in his late 20s. It's amazing how long they can last with good care :)

Andrea said...

Yeah, that's what made the thought of her dying so shocking for me. Coda is almost 31, so I figured Soxy had many more years, especially because she looks and acts perfectly healthy. Well, other than being chronically fat and out of shape. :)

I'm going to keep hoping that this is just a minor bump for us to get over.