Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have strep! I finally decided to take a look at my throat last night and it was GROSS. Well, still is. If I were at home on my own computer I might subject you to a nasty picture. I went in to Urgent Care this morning after a nightmarish night, and I'm now on antibiotics. I haven't been this sick in many, many years. Luckily it's bearable if I keep on top of the fever and pain with tylenol and ibuprofen. The nurse and doctor both said it looks like a pretty bad case, so while i may feel better in 24 hours, it could take a little longer. I'm glad we live in the age of antibiotics. And I really hope I don't get everyone else sick! It's all Della's fault for telling me I should come even though I was sick! Just kidding. I hate it when people point fingers about bugs, like you MEANT to get people sick. Luckily they're not shunning me becasue of my disease.

I'm heading home tomorrow and I'll have to call the vet with an update on Soxy. I assume all is well on the home front. John hasn't reported anything extraordinary since that first night.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, John would like to report that his horse is retarded, and scared of the dark.