Saturday, February 14, 2009

So I decided to make the trip. Which may have been a mistake, I'm even sicker today. Hope I'm okay to drive home on Monday. The kids are having a lot of fun though, and other than being sick so am I.

Poor John, the horses gave him a really hard time last night. I don't know the details but Cisco went through the fence again and Tonka and Bella got out too. Cisco was really freaking out, and that freaked John out. When he called me his tone of voice scared me, I thought Soxy had gone downhill. But he tells me she's acting just fine.

Well, that's about it for me. Oh! Happy Valentine's day!

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Anonymous said...

Cisco got out, but Bella and Tonka went to hide in the dark. I finally found them, after freaking out that they might try to hitch a ride to Hollywood or something. You know how new people from rural areas are preyed upon by people in Hollywood. Cisco was all freaked out last night, but he was totally fine this morning.

When I finally made it back in the house, one of the dogs puked on the floor. YEAH!!!! That's almost like an anticherry on top.

Today went much better. I didn't even think of asking one of the Sheriff's Deputies if I could borrow their tazer for some animal testing on Scout. I think having him in with Soxy is a good thing.