Friday, February 06, 2009

It's hard to believe it's already Friday. The days just fly by...

Yesterday was a busy day. My daughter was feeling sick so she stayed home, ruining her perfect attendance. But if you're sick, you're sick. So I didn't go for a ride with my sister when I went to get Coda. I did talk her into calling my vet about her horse's kidney failure and lo and behold, he had all the answers the vets at WSU couldn't (or wouldn't take the time to) explain. My vet is awesome.

Oh! Speaking of my awesome vet, I talked to him yesterday and Tonka is now off of the antibiotics! Yay! I have to keep checking him for a while though, to make sure it doesn't come back.

Coda is such a cute and sweet boy. It's great to have him back. You should have seen the cuteness of the reunion between him and Soxy. She was excited and breathing heavy while I walked her to him, then as soon as she was in with him she beelined it for his hay. (Rolling eyes) She's a hungry hippo. Coda just stood shyly next to her, so happy to be close to her, but not looking at her. Like a kid with a crush. It was adorable.

I spent a lot of time brushing him yesterday and finding all of his itchy spots. Then when the kids got home my son went out immediately after doing his homework and gave them treats and brushed them. Coda is just soaking up the attention.


I don't know how much more time the old guy has with us. I'm really hoping for one more summer. But watching him yesterday, he has a painful bowel problem. He's had it all the time we've owned him, it's an old horse issue, but I've found ways to get it under control. I'm hoping I can do that again. And once the grass comes up it should get better, if it goes the same way it usually does. Something about hay is irritating to his digestive tract. Alfalfa is better, so I'm going to get him switched to that, slowly. Or maybe just half alfalfa, so Soxy can live with him half the time and they can be happy together. I've already started him on Probios and Pepto in a little beet pulp. If the Pepto doesn't work, or if it looks like he'll need to stay on something for a long time rather than just a few days, I'll get some U Gard. It worked well for him before.

It's rainy today. Yuck. And the mud is getting bad. I hate mud. I made a lot of mud with the truck yesterday, getting the trailer parked and moving hay. And my floors! They are a mess. I have to sweep a lot. The dogs are starting to shed too. Why was I so looking forward to spring? Summer! I can't wait for summer! No, just kidding, every day is a gift, even if it's muddy.

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Linda said...

Good for Coda--it's good to hear he's back. And it sounds like you have a nice vet.

I don't know what your weather's like, but it's raining up here Spokane. Cold, melting snow and rain. But the good thing is the ice is melting.