Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a weird day it's been! My son got sick last night, bad fever, ears and sinuses hurting. I can't say I mind too much, he's so cuddly. As long as I keep him medicated he swears he's not sick and he wants to go play. But this afternoon his fever was up to 102 and I figured I better have him checked for an ear or sinus infection. So we made the trip to Pullman, which takes about 40 minutes. Right when we were ALMOST to the doctor, my cell phone rang, and it was the school telling me my daughter is sick. With something completely different. Sounded like a stomach bug. John was in Seattle so I didn't have any backup. I turned around and made the 40 minute trek back. When we got there she was in an incredible amount of pain, couldn't sit or lay down, she was just pacing the hall. Said it felt like when her appendix ruptured. So I figured we better get her to the doctor too, and turned around and headed back to town. We drove through every kind of weather today. Hail, snow, wind, rain, glorious sunshine. It was definitely spring weather. The doctor, if she was one, couldn't help us, other than to tell us we can't be helped. They most likely just have viruses. Which is good, but it's been a crazy day.

Sorry, no horseplay today! I might get out there and play with Tonka before the sun goes down. I'd like to try his new Easyboots on him.

Oh yeah, I forgot to write about his Easyboots. I have been wanting a set for him, for when we go on rides that just might be too much for bare feet. Not that he's ever indicated that he can't handle it, but he does get abscesses every now and then, and I wonder if it might be from bruising. Anyway, I got a great deal on a once-worn pair on eBay and they got here yesterday, with comfort pads in them and everything. I've never seen Easyboots this big! They're weird looking. They should fit his big feet just fine. Now I just need to be on the lookout for some size 3's for his hinds.


Kara said...

Hi Andrea! I got some size 3, but now that I have them I think they might end up being to big for Catlow's fronts. I'll try them on her and let you know if they won't work (if you are interested in them, of course). They are easyboot epics.

Madeleine Pickens said...

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Linda said...

I'm sorry I missed the Mustang meeting, but we had an unexpected scare here with our granddaughter being airlifted from Moscow to Sacred Heart. I'll look forward to your blog about the meeting.

My son had what appears to be the same bug. He's too big to cuddle now--almost 6 feet, but I always called him my cuddle bunny because he, too, loved to cuddle.