Friday, March 27, 2009

I've been tagged by GTYYUP! I like it when I get tagged for a photo tag, it's fun. The rules this time: open the 10th folder and show the 10th picture. My folders are more complicated than that, but here's where I ended up:
Wee Emma, the first foal born to me. I bought her mama already bred. It was fun, waiting for her to be born, watching her grow.

I'll never say never, because I have a soft heart and will probably change my mind someday, but I'm done with baby horses for now. They're cute, but... Well, there are plenty of buts. Mainly to do with work, worry, and waiting. And expense... Although I am very pleased with Scout, he is a good baby. Someone at the Extreme Cowboy Race, when asked how old her horse was when she got him, said, "He was born into my lap." Someday when Scout and I do great things together, I'll be able to say something similar.

On to other babies! The lambs, oh my, the lambs... They are so soft and cuddly and still the perfect size for picking up and snuggling.

This little guy stole my heart. I want to bring him home so bad. I tried to talk John into letting me ask Melissa if I can buy him (and another for a buddy) but he talked me out of it. I told him I WILL have sheep again someday. I'll do my best to be patient. But it's really, really hard. Just look at him! It's almost too much to bear. His name is Skinny, because he was born with one skinny leg. Odd...

These two looked cozy.

This little boy I'd like to bring home also. He is wonderfully soft, and he's a neat color. And he's sweet.

Here's another hungry lamb, looking for more milk.

Oh no, I'm being mobbed!

"When lambies attack!"

I think I'm totally okay with this kind of attack.
(Look at those little feet!)

This little guy has sharp teeth.

Here's a bunch of lambs hanging out while the mamas get a little grain. Look at those very black ones! Those fleeces won't be hard to sell.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done! Had another rough night with my son being sick, and I have GOT to get some better sleep tonight. Tomorrow we're going to the Backcountry Horsemen's Outdoor Show down in Lewiston. Hope to see Bob and Lea there. I also hope it doesn't rain too much. Tomorrow is John's birthday too! Fun stuff.


Kara said...

Ooo, the lambs are so cute! And you obviously had fun with them!

froglander said...

Adorable lamb pics! And Happy Birthday to John (hope he lets you bring home some lambs soon!)

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday, John!

gtyyup said...

Hey, thanks for playin' photo's a nice simple game.

I agree on the breeding thing...there's so many horses of any age needing homes, I'd just as soon go out and by a young one than breed for one.

Those lamb pics are just the attack mode!