Sunday, March 29, 2009

More baby pictures! Aren't they cute? Not quite as friendly as the little lambs though.

Later in the day we had a surprise visitor. The boys weren't sure what to think of that strange looking horse.What do you suppose she's looking back at here?

Her baby had fallen behind, not able to jump fences quite as easily as she could. But he soon caught up and tried leading the way.

Pretty neat. I love moose. At a distance, that is.

I'm starting to think about when I'm going to make the trip to Burns for the two trainer's incentive program horses. I think I might try to go durning spring break, which is just the week after next. eek! Better start getting ready for them.


froglander said...

Cool shots! I liked the one where the two horses (sorry, can't quite tell which two) are standing tall rump and short rump watching.

So what are you gonna look for in your TIP horses? Age? Sex? Size? Gonna be cool watching your progress with them :) Lol, I keep telling my mom she needs to get a horse, a nice stout one, she's not agreeing with me (yet) though :(

Linda said...

Wow. You don't get pictures of moose too often. Super cute--and also of the boys taking a look!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea - loved the moose pictures. We got home about 6 this evening. It was SO cold today. Bob said he was sorry to have missed you yesterday. That rain in the afternoon was awful. I did not win anything with my pictures but OH well.