Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Here are a few birthday pictures:

"Thbbbt. I refuse to be cute."

"Where are my treats?"

Yeti-boy, after his thorough grooming.
Shedding out is always a messy business with him.
Blissfully grazing.
The silly old man. I had put him in the mustang pen last night because it has better shelter from the wind. When I went to feed him I left the gate open, thinking he's so into his food there's no way he's going to take off. Wrong! He shot out of there like a kid at the end of the school day. He was so happy! He trotted about 50 feet away and then his brain kicked in. "Hey wait, where was I going?" Looked back toward me with his food, kinda headed my way, then wandered some more. Tasted some grass, and then he wasn't going anywhere. Luckily I had a temporary pen I hadn't quite taken down, so I just had to string up the ends of the tape. He can stay out and enjoy the grass or go back in and eat real food. I may have to cut him off in a bit so he'll actually eat his real food and not get the runs. But it was so great seeing him so excited about escaping!

Oh, and I went out and tried to find tracks of whatever was out there last night. Not a thing to be seen, other than deer prints, and that was definitely not a deer. It must have traveled very lightly over the mud.

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gtyyup said...

Happy Birthday Coda!!! And many more to you too.

He sure is a cutie...I see why you brought him home...he looks like a great baby sitter!