Monday, April 06, 2009

This weather is wonderful! I was outside in a t-shirt today and was too hot, and I got a sunburn! Granted, it was only in the 60's, but the sun was warm.

We had a nice ride today, my mom, my sister & I. We're going to do it again tomorrow, and I think John is going to join us. I'll take my camera.

Yesterday... well, the other day we went camping. Got home yesterday. Planted some trees. Planted some more today. Boy, I'm tired, having a hard time being coherent... I'll just have to come back and babble at you tomorrow instead. It has been a long, active day, and I think I'm done.


Linda said...

I think we're all doing the same thing--yard work! I'm loving the sunshine, too. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hope we get some of your weather soon!