Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another great day, another great ride. We have to stay close because the kids are home from school, but that works well for my sister, who is trying to see how much work her horse can tolerate now that he's on the EPSM diet.

Amy and Levi, my mom and Soxy:

Bella got ponied for the first time today, and Tonka ponied a horse for the first time today.

Look at these two sweet faces:

John and Cisco:

John and Cisco again.

I'm starting to wonder just how old Cisco was when he was gelded... He wasn't too happy about riding with a new gelding when "his" mare was along for the ride as well. A little protective, a lot herdbound. But that could just be normal gelding behavior too.

I rode Tonka bareback for the second time yesterday, and the third time today. We did pretty darn good! He's got a bony back though. And he kept trying to challenge the other boys, which I was not too happy about, being bareback! So we did a lot of backing.

Now we should probably go do something the kids enjoy. But I still have a shelter to build and some trees to plant... So much to do! I hope the weather doesn't get too gross over the next few days.


Kara said...

Bella sure is a pretty little mare! Your horses manes are unbelievably long!!! Chico's and Catlow's get long too, but not quite like that. They tend to thicken up rather than get super long. I'm waiting for Chico's to grow back out after I cut it last summer (he had rubbed part of it off on the feeder the winter before and I hated how parts were two different lengths).

How did your sister's horse do on the new diet?

gtyyup said...

Everyone (horses and riders) look great! Nice open area to ride there. We finally hit 70 today; but, tomorrow is 70% chance of rain...blah...

Linda said...

It looks like they did great with the ponying. The weather was so perfect for that. I hope it doesn't turn too bad. :( I'm spoiled now.

Andrea said...

Thanks everyone!

Kara, Levi seems to be doing better on the new diet. He's been on it for about a month, but he's a picky eater and isn't always finishing it, so he's probably not getting quite as much fat as he should. But he's not tying up like he used to. Some stiffness, but not bad at all.