Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We have another little ride planned this morning. You know, I'm probably crazy, but I want to ride Bella instead of Tonka. Nevermind that I've never ridden her with a saddle, and nevermind that she's never moved forward with me on her back, and nevermind that I've only sat on her once. Yeah, probably crazy. But I think I will at least get her out and saddle her up. Maybe I'll pony her out on our wee-teeny ride too. It'd be good practice.

Here are some non-horsey pictures I've taken over the last week:


Kara said...

When did the train cars derail?

Andrea said...

I think it was over a month ago. I heard they're having trouble getting in there to clean it up because of the mud. It looks like they did replace some track there though. I was amazed to learn that the grain won't be totally ruined. I guess it builds a crust on top, and the inner stuff stays dry. Interesting.