Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tonka and I ponied Bella around the field yesterday. Had a little issue at first, Tonka was eager to go and I was asking him to stop and he wasn't listening. So I decided to give him a treat when he did stop. I think I did that two or three times and his stop was great after that. Problem was, he decided that stopping was fun, it got him treats, so he rather rudely insisted on stopping, and I insisted that he not stop, so he pinned his ears and swished his tail, which is something he never does. But after several tries he got over it and we went about our business. Bella was a very good girl, as long as I kept her on my right. She has no desire to be on my left. She'd get out behind and try to drift to the other side. I didn't feel like fighting her so we just did it her way for the first time out. We'll have to work on that.

My mom was riding Soxy and she got to see how horses are different on a windy day. Not that Soxy has it in her to be really bad. But I didn't ask her to take pictures of us. Here's my crew when we were done:

And here's why we quit early. Around here, if a kid wants to ride, you better take advantage of it! They almost never want to ride. I love that old horse.

Then we drove my mom back up to Spokane and headed back home and ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Sadly enough, it was a piece of beef jerky that blocked my view of the little blinking gas light. But in my defense, it wasn't old jerky! Just a piece Liam didn't want. I called John to rescue us but it took him an hour to get there.

Katia had a book. I was jealous.

We tallied every car that went by. The count was 51, but we didn't start right away so we missed some.
Liam posed for a portrait

We took pictures of eyeballs. My kids got lucky and got pretty colors.

Then I gave the camera to Liam.
And I won't share with you the videos. Oh, how embarassing that would be!

I'm off to go do something productive. Hoping to get a lot done today.


arlene said...

What an adorable child he is!

Tracey said...

ROFL!!! That face is just to wonderful.

Sorry you had to run out of gas; what a bummer!

Kara said...

Cute picture of Liam!!! Sounds like you guys entertained yourselves well!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Love that face. You have beautiful kids. Running out of gas is the pits huh? Glad John could come rescue you. My father in law used to preach at me when I was young, It doesn't cost any more to keep the top half full after about the 5th. time he had to rescue me. I am so glad he loved me.