Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm feeling overwhelmed... I took Soxy to the vet this morning for her health certificate, since my mom wants to ride her and we need to be able to cross the state line. That went just fine, nothing special there except I need to be better about keeping her fly mask on her. She has those appy eyes.

Then I asked him about Bella, who is very lame this morning, same hind end problem but much worse. I'm pretty sure it's her stifle and he said to bute her for a week, keep her by herself so she can take it easy, and then we may have to take her in to WSU to diagnose the problem. Sigh. Stresses me out, that horse. I love her very much. I wish she'd magically become sound.

Tonka, who is the king of smegma, can be cleaned up to once a month, he said. Yay... One more thing to add to the to-do list.

I got home and found out my grandma is in the hospital. She'll be okay, and actually this may be a good thing because she's been refusing to go to the doctor and now she has no choice. But it really stresses me out. I want to be over there. I'm thinking of just dropping everything and going.

Which brings me to my to-do list. It just keeps growing! I got Bella moved to a new area, fresh grass, full trough. Taught her to put up with hosing, which uncovered mud fever on her legs. So now I need to go get some stuff to treat that, and clean up Cisco to see if he has it too. There are still trees that should have been in the ground a week ago, and the shelter to build. John is awesome, he's been working on that while I messed with Bella. I need to go to the post office, was supposed to go days ago, and also have to go check on a friend's cats. There's more stuff but I don't want to list it all... So I better get going, get it done, and think about whether I'm going to go on a trip. I think I'll start with those trees. They're going to die if I don't get them in the ground. Might already be dying...


Linda said...

It seems to always come at the same time. You can go years with nothing--and then everything happens. I hate to hear it though. The smegma thing, however, is a small issue--just think how bonded you'll be!! LOL. (Don't take pictures, kay?)

Kate said...

Sounds like a lot! Take a deep breath (and breathe in the wonderful smell of horse and the outdoors). Hope all goes well.