Friday, April 10, 2009

I feel better now. Tonka's sheath is now squeaky clean. The thing I've always hated most about sheath cleaning was the rinsing. I was never sure it was rinsed well enough. I found a solution! I used empty agave nectar squeezy-bottles. Kinda like old-style restaurant ketchup bottles, with the pointy end... Anyway, it worked great! AND I got the bean! Finally! He is good at tucking that slippery part away, but I reached way up in there and there it was, and I got it out. Yay me!

Then I worked on picking the scabbies off Bella's legs. Boy do I feel like a bad mama on that one. I've never had a case of mud fever before. But if it was gonna happen, it would be this year. We've never been wetter. And Bella likes to stand in the water eating the grass there, so that probably didn't help. I'm going to check Cisco over later. Or maybe get John to do it. He is his horse after all. All of the other horses have had their legs washed recently, so I would have noticed it then. I'm going to gate off the worst of the mud today, and some of the horses are in areas where the mud is pretty much dried up, so I don't need to worry about them.

Even though it wasn't fun stuff, it's a wonder what a little horsey time will do for the soul. Sorry for my whining earlier. I get worn out with these long days full of endless activity.

I think I'll go wash AGAIN so I can go out in public without smelling like smegma. I did wear a glove, but apparently that wasn't enough.


Lady Of Chaos said...

Do-jo automotive soap gets rid of the smegma smell wonderfully. It works great, seriously. :)

The best thing for the mud fever is Koppertox. Don't pay for all the expensive shampoos etc. Buy a bottle of Koppertox. *WARNING* It will stain anything it touches blueish green. Just scrub the legs down good, spray the Koppertox on the leg and rub it in. WEAR GLOVES. Leave it on. Wait 24 hours, spray the leg down and repeat. That usually takes care of it. Koppertox also works great on foot rot too. :)

Andrea said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Boy do I hate Koppertox. It's so messy! But it does make sense that it would help. I'll try it if I have to. :)