Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yesterday we went to an Easter egg hunt in the morning. My daughter is too old! When did that happen? But the boy got to go, and he had lots of fun. The kids were like a mad mob when the starting whistle blew, and my niece, who was guarding the starting gate, almost got knocked over by a bunch of munchkins. It was funny.

We went to town to do some Easter Bunny shopping while my mother-in-law colored eggs with the kids, then we came home and got to work on the fence.

It's very strange, tearing down fence. Will we regret it? I don't know. But with hay prices the way they are, our pastures are becoming hay fields again, and the horses are moving to the hill. The sooner the better, to get them out of the mud and onto the grass that is already growing pretty well.

It was fun, wading around the flooded pasture and over by the pond, looking at all the really weird bugs swimming around in there. It reminded me of the game Spore that my family went through a period of playing a lot. Flagella are cool.

We got one stretch of posts and HorseGuard completely removed, and John put in corner posts in the new area. Slight problem there though. He said most of them looked like he'd poured chocolate milk into a hole, so we'll have to just use t-posts as corners until the ground firms up. It won't be tight, but that's just the way it'll have to be.

After we came inside I got a call from my cousin and my grandma is out of the hospital, doing a little better. I got to talk to her and she sounded good, but tired. I'm going to have to head over there sometime soon for a visit.

The shelter has been set aside for a couple days while we move fence. But here's a pictorial progress report. Before:

and now:
It's coming along. Probably could have been done in one day if we didn't have anything else to do, but life does go on, and things come up.

Here's a little visitor who was quite alarmed at our interest in him:
Today it'll be more work work work, then Easter dinner at my sister's.

Happy Easter!


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Happy Easter to you and your family Andrea.

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