Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm feeling pretty darn good today considering all the ugly outcomes that could have been. My sister likes to blow things out of proportion so it's hard to say how bad it really looked. She says I landed head first (that's what broke the helmet) and the impact was really loud. I don't know, but it sure hurt my head. But I didn't get kicked or stepped on, I didn't get hung up in the stirrups, Tonka didn't get tangled in the reins, etc, etc. I don't think you can ride horses and think too much about the list of things that might happen. It makes for a crappy, timid, stiff rider (and thus, horse). Which isn't to say I'm the most confident rider. I have trouble, worrying about things, especially with the help of my overly paranoid sister. Who, by the way, didn't help things when she called while I was on my way home John to tell him what happened. I was greeted by a very worried husband who said if I'm allowed to ride horses he should be allowed to make homemade explosives (fireworks). I don't think so!

Anyway, today my head hurts a little, my neck is tight, my back is sore, and one hip has a little issue but I have trouble with that one a lot anyway. Seems like I somehow got a bruise on my calf where I shouldn't have been able to bruise it. Maybe wrenched it? Odd.

I tried on my daugher's helmet and I think it fits. The fit is a little different, seems like it sits kinda high on my head, but it's not too tight. I tried to talk my sister into riding at the arena with me today (it's raining/snowing) but she's going to spend the day with her husband, who can't plow/harrow/cultivate in the rain. I think she's just a-scared to ride with a "special" rider like me. :D

Hope you're all enjoying your day! I'm at a loss for what to do with myself... Stuck inside. Blech.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea - am glad you are recovering OK. A thump like that on the head is difficult.

Kara said...

Maybe your bruise is from the saddle horn? I always hit my knee on it when I fall off and that is usually my only injury (usually, knock on wood).

When do you pick up the TIP horses? How is your shelter coming?

froglander said...

Glad to hear you are feeling well enough to want to go ride! Yay for helmets. I have been grateful for mine on more than one occasion.