Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm a good example of why helmets are a good idea.

Breakaway stirrups would probably be a good idea too. But for now I'm still just banking on my boot coming off if I get stuck. Or maybe I'll buy the cheaper breakaways that look stupid...

I am going to buy a breastcollar tomorrow, and take advantage of Troxel's helmet replacement program.

What happened? My saddle rolled. I went splat, and Tonka ran and bucked for a few minutes but then calmed down and I led him around with his belly saddle. (Dad, if you read this, your saddle is mostly okay... Just need to replace a screw. Amy told me I should tell you I still want to buy it but I don't think it's worth as much now. Haha.) I did get back on for a while. Oh, and I should point out it totally wasn't Tonka's fault this time. Well, maybe a little... My sister said he jumped after the saddle rolled but before I came off. I don't know, I was busy deciding just exactly when to bail. But it wasn't his fault the saddle rolled.

I thought I was fine, but the longer I sit here, the more I hurt. Dang it.

Bella went with us today. She didn't like it one bit.


arlene said...

I'm so glad your OK.

I was riding with a lady who's slipped under her horses belly with her still in it. It wasn't a good out come.

My helmet is old and stupid looking, but I always wear it.
I hope you don't hurt too bad.
I'll be contacting you about this coming weekend. I'm excited!

Kate said...

Saddle rolling - ugh! Very glad you weren't hurt, good to replace the helmet just in case. Helmets are good, and so are breastcollars when needed!

Kara said...

Oh my! There seems to be something going around this spring...lots of tumbles off horses! Glad you're okay.

My saddle rolled under my horse's belly once when I was a kid. Luckily, when I'd caught be up to my horse (standing in the woods too scared to move), she was fine and so was the saddle.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea - You and Tracey and Club Dirt. Am so glad you are OK. That is the reason Bob and I both ride with helmets. Take a hot bath.

Linda said...

Glad you're okay! I had a horse I was lunging once, a long time ago, have a saddle slip around its belly. I didn't have a breast collar either--and I had underestimated how much a colt blows up the first time saddled--so didn't tighten the cinch good enough or enough times. It was the scariest thing I ever saw with him bucking around with that thing under his belly!!! Good for Tonka for calming down!!! Hope you're feeling better. Did you land on your head or get kicked in the process?