Saturday, May 09, 2009

Could any of these horses be Scout's Daddy?

Bay stud, either Hardtrigger or Black Mountain HMA (Idaho)

I was speculating in the comments section the other day about who Scout's sire might be. I thought maybe the above stallion from the adoption, but then I realized he's a bay and Bella's sorrel (chestnut, whatever) and Scout's a dun, so that can't be. Unless Bella really is a dun, because she does have a faint dorsal stripe. But I've never seen a dun her color and I think her dorsal stripe is countershading, not dun factor. So I have to assume Scout's daddy was released back into the wild because of his color. Or just not brought to the adoption. My vet thinks it was some quarter horse stallion that somehow got loose with the wild horses. I don't think he believes mustangs can be nicely built. :)

Sorrel stud, Black Mountain HMA (Idaho)

Another Bay stud, Hardtrigger HMA (Idaho)
The white on his rump is scarring from fighting, not an appy coat pattern.

Hardtrigger and Black Mountain HMAs are near each other, in southwestern Idaho.

How do I remember which HMA these horses came from, after all this time? Because I can see their tags in some of my pictures, and I took pictures like this:

This is the one that shows Bella as unavailable after we adopted her. It's blurry, probably because I was so excited my hands were shaking.


Kara said...

Those horses sure are chunky! I can see how Scout gets his stocky form from the herd! Perhaps Bella is so much smaller because she was stunted due to her young pregnancy? They must have released Scout's daddy.

Andrea said...

Most of the mares were very thin, they must have had some rough times. The younger studs weren't as beefy as the ones I showed. The fatter ones were the more aggressive, older ones. But yeah, I think having babies takes a lot out of the mares.

Kara said...

And it is kind of irritating that people think that if a mustang is nicely built, it must be mostly quarter horse. Don't those breed snobs realize that some quarter horses had mustang blood? Too bad they've inbred for so long now that many quarter horses have bad feet and major health issues.

Andrea said...

Oh I don't know, I just have to laugh when I hear people say things like that. It's kind of a compliment to the horse, in a backwards, ignorant kind of way. It's the closest some people would ever come to complimenting a mustang. Not that my vet is a mustang hater, by any means. He really likes Scout, in particular. I found out recently that my neighbor hates mustangs though. Because the mustangs ruined the quarter horse market! LOL! I don't think so.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Ruined the QH market. You have got to be kidding.

arlene said...

Wildairo has a stripe that goes down his spine. I have noticed the hair on this stripe is not just darker but coarser and it sticks up. So odd. When he had his summer coat the stripe was just darker. This stripe is shedding out differently than the rest of his coat. I shall try to take some pictures. He may have donkey blood in him. lol.

Kara said...

I seriously sometimes think that Chico has donkey blood in him...he does not have a horse's whinny, poor boy. He "whinnies" like a mule. It's more of a bray. I need to take a video of it sometime and post it. It's hilarious.