Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yesterday Scout had his hooves trimmed. I had left it far longer than a person ever should on a baby. I had mentally scheduled myself to finally do it the day I hit my head. When my sister called and asked me if I wanted to ride I decided I'd trim him later. And then I couldn't... So anyway, he got his pedicure yesterday. He was such a good boy! I don't think he's ever cooperated as nicely as he did yesterday. Even though John was working with an impact wrench, drill, and saw just 10 feet away. Actually, during a break in the trimming, he went and stuck his nose within inches of the work, and was just fascinated by it all. I really wish I'd have had my camera, he had the cutest look on his face. He became quite a pest, nosing into things, and had to be chased off after his feet were done.

(You may assume by this that we are still working on the mustang shelter. You would be right.)

Go to Kevin's blog for an awesome set of pictures that show how they're trimmed at the BLM corrals. Fascinating stuff. I knew how they used the table, and had seen pictures of that, but never pictures of them trimming. Looks like they used nippers and then a grinder. Nice looking hooves on those gorgeous TIP horses. They will be available for adoption (nudge, nudge).

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Anonymous said...

Scout seems to be a really good one - sensible even as a baby!