Saturday, June 06, 2009

I made a video of Zaz's progress so far. It's pretty long, somewhere around 7-8 minutes I think. So if you don't watch it I won't be offended. It's not real interesting. You see me talking to John but it was hard to hear so I just got rid of the audio and added music. Hopefully that makes it a little more interesting. The second song, "Steal My Kisses," I thought was appropriate ("I've been hanging round you for days, but when I lean in you just turn your head away.") but I couldn't decide whether I wanted to keep it. Then by some lucky chance it ended at precisely the right moment, so I kept it. (Update: the video isn't working. Does it work for any of you?)

This is all pretty basic stuff, but hard work went into all of it, on both our parts, and I'm really proud of our progress. He's worked through a lot of his fears, now he just needs to get more comfortable. The one time you see him kind of blow up, I had made a mistake - the rope got caught in the blanket and flung at his head. My bad, but I didn't feel too terrible. Things happen, and he's got to get used to it.


Kate said...

Boring! That wasn't boring, it was outstanding! I could watch good horse work like that all day! Zaz is a lovely little horse - I love how he trusted you enough to stand on a loose lead even at points when he was a little bit nervous. I also really liked how you just calmly kept working when the blanket/lead rope tangle occurred - it helped him recover easily. Congratulations on your progress with him so far!

Andrea said...

Kate, thank you! What great praise. You made my day! :)