Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tonka is making progress on getting his head down. We never worked into the lope today but I did a lot of walk and trot work focused on that.

Later I went and got Scout and headed to work with Zaz. They were interested in each other.

I was going to strap this bareback pad on Zaz but it didn't have a cinch on it and I was too lazy to go back and look for one. That'll happen next time we work together.

After a brief session of picking up Zaz's feet, I decided to let the two boys hang out together. I've been dying to see them next to each other, since they're about the same size.

It wasn't all peace and harmony, but there was no real violence either. I think if I allowed them to settle in together they'd become friends and start playing gelding games. But I took Scout back to Tonka. It may be mean, but I want to be Zaz's only friend right now.

Something changed in Zaz today. It was so subtle I didn't notice it right away. Hard to explain, but he felt like a normal horse. Not one that is stiff and afraid and waiting for something bad to happen. Not that he didn't get stiff and afraid at times. But mostly he was looking to me with interest and friendliness. It felt like a relaxed partnership more than it felt like work. It was really neat.


Anonymous said...

Liked your pictures of the two of them together - I didn't realize that Zaz was the same size - he looks slighter in the pictures where he is by himself. I've never worked with a mustang, but it must be wonderful when they begin to relax and connect!

Kara said...

Wow! Scout is big! How big do you think he'll get when he's done growing? Tonka's size?

Andrea said...

Kate, Zaz really is pretty small. When I taped him for weight I was shocked that he was 750 pounds. I would have thought closer to 650. He's right around 14 hands. I'll have to tape him again before he leaves. Not that I think he's grown, but I forgot exactly what the measurement was.

Kara, I think Scout will probably somewhere near Tonka's size. I can't remember how tall Tonka is but it's either 15.2 or .3. Scout ought to be at least 15 hands, but I'm guessing more like 15.2. BUT Bella is only 14.2 so maybe I'm way off base on my estimate. Since Scout never experienced food shortages and he'll never have to carry a baby I figure I might not be wrong guessing he'll be taller. I sure can't wait to see him all grown up. He's at that icky yearling stage right now and his belly is kinda round.