Sunday, June 28, 2009

My family is awesome. A huge thanks to them all for helping me out during Mustang Days, especially since we're in the middle of haying and my mom isn't feeling very well.

I'm still really upset about missing out on my favorite classes (and maybe even the high point buckle??? Probably not, but still I wonder...) because of a last minute reversal in the order of classes. I'll leave that subject though, and start with telling you about Friday.

Friday, I loaded all the horses in the trailer.
We headed out, destined for a nightmare journey with a banging and swaying trailer. By the time I knew blood was shed it was too late to turn back. Soxy's leg was cut up thanks to Zaz kicking the crap out of her. Her nose was skinned and it was obvious from her head-shaking that she'd hit her head pretty hard at least once. She also had dirty hoof prints on top of her rump, so he must have been rearing over the divider.

We got to the arena and nobody else was there, plus the stalls were all locked with a cable. I took it apart and broke in so I could put Zaz up while I treated Soxy. She got a dose of bute and a long hosing on her swollen, bloody leg. It didn't appear to need stitches. All the horses went for a nice long walk, and Zaz was a total angel. That horse. He's got a split personality or something.

I sat and drank my coffee the next morning while the three of them ate their breakfast.
Later, after people started showing up, I was busy doing something, maybe hosing Soxy's leg, when I noticed a couple strangers had untied Tonka from his spot at the rail and were leading him around. I wondered if he'd done something bad an needed to be moved. But no, I recognised them! It was Tracey and her Darling daughter, come to kidnap "their" horse, More Better. See, they had been bidding against me when I adopted Tonka, and that was their name for him. I'm glad I went over my spending limit and beat them on the bidding. He is More Better, but he's my boy.

I don't know if they still love him as much now that they've met him while he was at his most rude. He's been in a mood lately. He's normally mouthy, but he was rudely mouthy and even ear-pinny this weekend.

I love this picture of Tracey's Darling and Bob and Lea's burro, Yuma. She got on and rode him around the little 12X12 pen. He did really well, and it's easy to see that Darling is already a horseman. Burro-man? Burro-woman? Ass-whisperer? Whatever the term, she's good with equines.
I want to go to bed and I have a billion more pictures to share, so I'll save them for another post tomorrow. Before I go though, I'll set your worries to rest about Soxy. Her leg looks much, much better today. The swelling is almost gone and she really doesn't seem very uncomfortable at all.


Linda said...

Glad to hear she's okay. Was Zaz hauled on that outside bay? Did it give him enough room to kick her? Strange! Was it the first time he'd been with the others? I know I have a lot of questions, but I'm curious for my own sake because one day I'll have to haul Beautiful with the others.

Andrea said...

Zaz was in the back and had LOTS of room because he's so small. He could even turn facing forward with his butt against the back wall.

I think a lot of this is my fault because, no, they had never lived near each other. They had seen each other from a distance but didn't have a relationship or anything like that.

He had also never been hauled tied (Blocker ring) in a trailer with the dividers shut, only loose in an open trailer.

I don't know how he did on the way home, but she has a 4 horse and only 3 horses to haul, so there was some room between him and the next horse. He didn't find a new home, although there were a few people who were pretty interested in him.

Andrea said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, he has a tendency to kick when stressed. He did a lot of damage to his stall the second night at Mission Arena. Bob got it fixed by the time I got up, but I guess it wasn't good.

Beautiful will probably do just fine if you prepare her a little better than I did with Zaz.

JSB said...

Poor Zaz. He's listed for sale on Dreamhorse for $50 or free.