Thursday, June 25, 2009

My men folk. They love their tractor.

Lubing the machinery. Now that's sexy.

My guy cutting hay.
Me cutting hay.

I LOVE THIS TRACTOR! It's so easy, a 7 year old could do it (and does).
Great day. Very busy day. Going to be a busy one tomorrow too. Leaving for Mustang Days in the afternoon. I can't wait!


Linda said...

Oh yeah they LOVE their tractors. Ours is very similar to yours. Your hay looks great, btw. How much do you think you'll get off of it?

Andrea said...

Our property is pretty low yield.
Could definitely be a lot better with better management and a better type of grass. The spot you see me cutting in the picture is a rather sparse spot, since the horses congregated along that fenceline last summer. But even with the thick stuff, we got about 12 tons last year. That's probably about a ton an acre. Pretty meager. And that's very approximate since we never weighed anything, just guesswork... I'll let you know what we get this year once it's baled.

gtyyup said...

Aren't those tractors life savers!! Beautiful looking hay crop this year for you. We just got our first alfalfa cutting done.

You've been busy!! Congrats for your good job at the show. Really looked like a fun time.

My heart goes out to you with making that decision for your old man. But, you've got some time to think about it and you'll know when it's right.