Friday, June 12, 2009

No pictures today, but I've had a couple of great horsey days. Yesterday Zaz loaded again, and loaded into just the back part of the trailer with the dividers closed. I was thinking even if I can't squash him between dividers for the ride to Mustang Days, I can put him in the back. (He makes that back "stall" look huge.) But I think he'll do fine between dividers too at some point.

In the evening I rode over at my sister's house again. It was supposed to be obstacle work, but we just crossed her little bride and trotted over poles. Mainly we worked on getting his head and body in the right place. He was doing terribly until I changed back to my usual pad, and then still took a while to get down to business, but then it just suddenly all came together and it was so nice.

After another ride in that saddle, I think it is working. What my sister thought was a welt is actually a muscle. I checked my other horses. I'm going on a long trail ride tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. My hiney wasn't liking the saddle after our ride down the dirt road the other day, but I think it's starting to get toughened up to this saddle. It's a Diamond C saddle, custom made in Lewiston. I think she said it's a barrel saddle but I still like it because it doesn't have that barrel saddle horn.

Today every horse got handled except Tonka. Soxy got a bath and a good spraying with fly-spray. Flies love her. Coda got to go eat tall grass with his boy and I trimmed his front hooves. Cisco got saddled and tied to the trailer for a while. Scout just got a good scratching.

Just now I loaded Zaz some more. We've graduated to walking right on up and wedging ourselves into the first spot in the trailer. I even stuck his rope through the Blocker Tie Ring and stepped back by his butt, but didn't leave him because he seemed worried. Could have been the wind coming up and the huge thunder storm rolling in. I'm really, really pleased with this little guy. Someone said they thought I was getting attached? Not really. Well, yeah, but not in the way that I want to keep him. I really like him. I don't think you can put this much into a horse without giving them a little bit of your heart. But I'm realistic. He's too little. I already have enough horses, I don't need any more work, and I can't wait until he's gone so I can start doing all this with Scout. So... yes, I love him, but no, not enough to keep him.

Tomorrow we're driving all the way up to Spokane with our trusty steeds and going for a ride at Riverside Park with Lea and Bob and anyone else from the Mustang Club that wants to come. Actually, anyone is welcome to come, and you don't have to ride a mustang.

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