Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zaz trailer loading:

(Sorry about all the barking)
I should point out that this was the end of about a half hour of work, I didn't just immediately ask for all 4 feet in or trust him enough to stand in there with him. I sent him in a foot at a time, then all four. The first time his whole body went in he turned around, stood checking out his higher vantage point, chewed on a branch, and came out forward when I asked. The second time he backed out nicely and he was pretty much respecting my space, so then I decided I could stand in there and load & unload him. Then I went and got John to operate the camera for me.

Yes, I was giving him treats. Yes, I regretted it a little. His nose wanted to live in my pocket and it distracted him from the job at hand. Even so, he did a great job!


Anonymous said...

What a good, brave horse! Another excellent video - you should put some on your sidebar - I particularly love how slow and calm everything is. Sometimes food treats are the way to go and you were using them for a reason, not just to give treats. That's really nice progress!

Linda said...

I've been giving food treats to the pony--seems to work with her.

What a great job trailer loading!! That's what I need to be doing with Beautiful, so I was taking notes!!!

Andrea said...

I don't know how to put the videos in the sidebar but when I get some time I'll look into it. That's a good idea.

He is a brave horse! I'm proud of him.

Linda, are you bringing Beautiful to Mustang Days? I hope so!

I think treats are helpful sometimes. I give them sometimes for no good reason too. But not to Cisco. Never ever to Cisco. He's a naughty, pushy, muggy boy.