Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We tried out a saddle today. Had a great ride.

I bet you can't spot what we scared out from under the bridge when our horses went clopping across it.

A horned owl! Look at those big eyes. I wonder if it's young. It seemed too fuzzy-headed for an adult.

Here's my dad filming the owl, riding his horse, Sox.

Bella, the Obnoxious Dog. Naw, she's alright, just very playful. Likes to pop out from under bridges while we're crossing them, high banks, tall grass, etc. and scare my horse. It's good for him, he just doesn't know it. He's getting pretty used to crazy dogs. Sometimes I think he wants to run and play with them. Or squash them flat, hard to tell sometimes.


Bear. He's a neat dog. I almost ran over him with my horse trailer today. My sister screamed and I stopped and he was fine, but really scared. Hopefully he won't fall asleep under there again.

Where we'd been:

Where we were going, with my dad fixing his stirrups and a tractor spraying the peas off to the right a bit.

I had very high hopes, but I don't think the saddle fit me or Tonka. I'm sore. He had a great sweat pattern but some welts to either side of his spine at the back of his wither.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad the saddle may not fit - thanks for the photos - I feel like I was there too!