Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tying a fiador: not the easiest thing in the world.
(Tonka: not the happiest model in the world)

I know I posted about this before, but now I'm at it again, and it's as if I've never done it. I finally got the knots worked out, doubled jug knot, or hackamore knot, at the heel of the bosal, and fiador knot above that. Actually, they're made in reverse order and I just have to guess how much rope to leave in my big loop that will make the jug knot, then try to adjust everything. I have no idea how big to leave the loop that will end up where you tie the fiador on the horse. I'll have to try it on him in the morning. I also need to figure out exactly how the bosal is supposed to sit on him. And borrow some reins...

Can you tell I'm off on a different tangent on "bridlewear?" The curb bit wasn't a good idea. But at least now I know he'll do just fine in one. As well as he does in any other bit, anyway... So now I'm trying bitless. I got lucky and found a good deal on a halfway decent bosal that looked like it might fit. Then I got to the checkout and realized it was hanging on the wrong hook, was a bit more expensive than I bargained for. But I bit the bullet and bought it anyway.

Now I have some things for sale: mullen mouth Myler comfort dee, Weaver roller curb, and Thinline western half pad. All very, very lightly used. Tried them out and they weren't exactly what I was hoping for.

(In these pics I hadn't gotten the knots figured out yet, just had the jug knot and a sloppy knot at the throatlatch, and everything is adjusted funny.)


Anonymous said...

He looks happier in the second picture! I've used bitless before but I'm thinking of getting another - perhaps a sidepull this time, just to have it to use.

Linda said...

You're creative, Andrea--always trying out new things and making your own!

froglander said...

Are you going to use the bosal forever or as a step in training? Are you sure you want to sell your curb bits? The headstall looks nice in that it's not sitting practically in his eye like some you see with a bosal! Good luck with it :)