Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's been a long day. My sister got a call from her doctor today and she wasn't very optimistic, which isn't like her. She wanted to make sure my sister is doing everything she can to get in for the breast biopsy ASAP. Kind of scary. So she got it all taken care of, and has an appointment for Friday. Which is also kind of scary, considering it usually takes a month to get in. Must mean they are concerned. We looked up information online today, and it looks like there is anywhere from a 15% to a 50% chance this will be cancer. Lots of different figures on different articles. But the good news is that this type of cancer has a 99% survival rate. So no matter what, things should turn out okay.

Another thing bringing me down lately is the health of my grandparents. My grandma is in the hospital with a bad infection they can't seem to pinpoint and my grandpa is talking as if he's not going to be around much longer. We have a family reunion coming up and he says this is the last one he'll be going to. We're going to do some fishing and have some good times. He's always been so very strong and able, and he's such a wonderful person. The last few years it's been hard to watch his health begin to fade. My grandma has been having trouble for a while with various health issues, but she's always full of piss and vinegar and up for a laugh. Last time I saw her she looked like hell and was having a rough time of it, but she still had that great spirit shining through every now and then. I hope she pulls out of this and has some humdingers to tell us next time we see her. I wish they could always be with us.

My other grandma is also talking of making her last road trip, but having a hard time committing. She's in a lot of pain and has a hard time getting around, so a trip will be difficult for her. I hope she can make it over here. I think she'd enjoy being on a farm again like she was when she grew up. She's been telling me lots of stories from her childhood and her life with my grandpa who died when I was a teenager. So many bright memories.
Speaking of old folks, I got the two old horses out for a while today. Soxy needed a pedicure and I let Coda out to be a yard horse while I worked on that. He had the run of the whole place, lots of glorious grazing to be had, but when I came inside for a few minutes I looked out to see him standing loyally next to his girl. He's such a sweetheart.
Goldie brought her peeps out a bit today, within safe proximity of the henhouse. I decided not to lock them in the coop this time. Last time she had chicks one found a way out and became a cat snack. I imagine Goldie frantically watching, locked inside, unable to do anything about it. This time hopefully they'll do fine with her hovering over them. So far so good.
I let the turkeys out for the first time today. I've been wanting to do it for a while, but we had a neighbor dog come on the property not long ago and I didn't want to let them out while I wasn't around to watch them. This afternoon I finally had that chance. They loved it. Lots and lots of greens to eat. They're such innocent, goofy creatures. I can't see how anyone could dislike turkeys. They're just neat. I wish I could keep them for pets.
Tonka and I went for a short ride tonight and we tried our hand at turkey herding. He wasn't too sure about it. Turkeys are pretty strange, after all. He was very curious but also cautious. Which was better than Scout's reaction when he saw them. He was all snorts, running around the pasture with his tail in the air.

Something had Cisco terrified tonight. And I saw a deer running for dear life on the other side of the highway. A little later I saw something else over there. Could have been a deer, could have been a cougar. Didn't seem big enough to be a deer, but the light was failing and I can't be sure. Would a cougar travel in the open on a hillside right near a highway? Or do they stay under cover? I'm probably imagining things, it was probably just another deer. But with Cisco's total terror (he's normally a steady guy) and the running deer, it makes me wonder.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

We will surely keep your sister in our prayers Andrea. Its scarey. they are checking our son Tom for Leukemia this week. Have a hard time holding it all together.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about all the health worries for your sister - I'm hoping it all plays out well for her.

It is hard with older folks to watch them change as they age. My husband and I are going through that now with his mom and my dad - both in their 80s and my dad recently turned 87.

Hope you enjoy the family reunion.

Tracey said...

Prayers for your sister, Andrea.

Cougars do tend to stick to covered areas, but not always. Could be Cisco's eyes were failing him as well...even steady horses have moments of imagination.

I feel for you on the aging grandparent thing; mine are weakening and in pain these days as well. It's hard losing someone you love.

arlene said...

I hope it's all good news for your sister. I also hope your grandparents who are in pain get it under control. I used to suffer because I never found a pain med that worked without horrid side effects. Now I have a pain med that works good. I hope they find the same. It really helps!

I love the picture of the old gent with his best girl. A scene like that should be framed.

Keep the turkeys because Tonka needs cutting practice!

I had a fright about five years ago. The dogs were terrified of something on the bluff behind our house. I've never seen them like that. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Anyway a little while later I heard someone had spotted a cougar about ten miles upstream from us. Then I heard someone had spotted one about 10 miles downstream. Bloody hell! It makes sense in this open country a big cat would stick to the creek area. I'd put him in orbit with my bionic foot if he messed with me.