Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tonka went to the dentist today and would you believe I didn't take one single picture? There were lots of great photo ops too, with his lip hanging and tongue sticking out the side.

He was pretty nervous today for some reason. Kinda antsy on his feet. Probably knew something special was up. He took a second to check out the ramp that led to the stocks in the dentist's special trailer, but then he went in and it wasn't long before he had a dose of sedative to make him right at home. It wasn't enough sedative, and they kept saying they'd give him more if they needed it, but he just went along with things and they never did have to top him off. They were very impressed with him. I love it when people go on about what a nice horse I have. *big grin* The doc has a client who competed in the NW Mustang Makeover, and her very nice assistant had been at the makeover to watch Keith Danielson, who trains her horses. It was nice to have something in common.

Tonka has a "totally normal mouth" with no reason for bit discomfort, other than that he obviously doesn't like a bit. His canines are huge for his age, normally they're just coming in about now. Kinda odd, but all the other teeth erupted right on schedule so I'm not at all worried that he's not the age I thought he was.

She leveled out and rounded his molars, which really didn't need a whole lot of work, gave him a bit seat, and then "reduced" his canines to a nice rounded nub. No more sharp edges on that broken one.

Really it was pretty uneventful, which is always nice.

When we got home I went to check on our new arrivals (more on that in a moment) and spotted this "Peeping Beauty" watching from the top of the hill. She just stared and stared while I took pictures. What a pretty doe.

On to the new arrivals - I thought Goldie's eggs were supposed to hatch a week ago so I gave up on them, but it turns out I was wrong! I heard frantic peeping yesterday, and went in to discover two little peepers. They're cute, if not very interestingly colored at this point... Can't wait to see what we end up with! (The eggs came from my sister's mixed flock.)

Look at those adorable little fluff-butts!
I'm off to put the drowsy boy back out to pasture, assuming he's awake enough. Have a great day!


Kara said...

Awww! That's so cool that you got your hen to hatch eggs! How many did she start out with?

Della said...

AWESOME!! I wish we had been there for it, but I'm glad Goldy got her babies at last!

Linda said...

Sweet! I love chicks. Nice to know that your vet is so PRO Mustang--what a perfect match for you and Tonka. He's a good ambassador!

gtyyup said...

Good dentist visit...glad all is well with Tonka's mouth.

Your peeps look like mine did when they were peeps. Mine are Barred Rock. But, only time will tell. Goldy seems like a good mother hen too!

Andrea said...

Kara, I think I put 5 eggs under her. Two were aracauna, but it turns out the roosters don't like that hen, so I think they weren't fertile. Goldie ate one (I think) and the other didn't hatch. She ate a brown egg too, leaving just these two.

Gtyyup, I thought they looked like barred rock too. My sister has barred rock hens and a rooster, so maybe they're purebred. Could also be part rhodie or part buff orpington.

Andrea said...

Oh, and she has a black rooster too... I forget what kind.