Monday, July 13, 2009

The BLM internet adoption Starts soon. I would adopt one of these if I could:

This gelding is noted as calm, is from Coyote Lakes, and is 14.3 as a 3 year old. If he's anything like Tonka, he's not done growing, but even if he were 14.3 is good enough for me. And I love his roman nose. He is #8602 in Burns.

I have named this young gelding Mini-Tonka. I love him! The only thing I don't like is his age, since he's only a yearling. That's just a prejudice on my part, no reason not to adopt. He's also from Coyote Lakes, and is 14 hands already. They say "Very calm personality; NICE colt." If he's anything like Tonka, that thin neck will eventually fill out. He's #8771 in Burns.

Granted, I have only looked at the Burns horses, and not even all of them. I'm sure there are some gorgeous horses at Palomino Valley, there always are. There are many to choose from. Take a look and see what you like. Even if you can't adopt, it's fun to browse and dream.

Okay, I came back and had to add these two. Sheepshead #8856 is really nice looking:

And who could resist this sweet face? She's Coyote Lakes #8654

Perhaps we need one as a pack horse? Maybe? John???
(Just kidding. But I can't wait to see how the bidding goes.)


Linda said...

Sheepshead 8856 looks real nice.

arlene said...

There's one at PV that I have named!!!! If not no one bids on him I'm going to see if they can get him to Burns somehow. I am going to see if Brad can talk some sense into me. I'm totally crazy when it comes to horses. I don't have to explain that here. lol.

Tracey said...

Love Mini-Tonka, too!

There were three yearlings at Longview who already had three strikes against them. One was adopted, the other two went back.

froglander said...

Lots of pretty ponies to look at. Now if only I could afford to take a few home. Gimme a few years, I have my guy looking at places with acreage :)

Anonymous said...

Really pretty ones. This 8893 fancy 2 year old bay mare, really has a beautiful neck line. I really don't know anything, but I can see a horse like her doing dressage. She's so pretty and has such nice collection. Thanks for posting the link. 8856 Looks like a real dandy too. They are all beautiful in their own special way though. Goodluck to them. Especially the mother/baby pairs! The more that get adopted out to good homes the better!

gtyyup said...

They are all so nice! I know, don't ya just wanna take them all home?!?