Friday, July 10, 2009

Thanks everyone for your concern. I made the trip and got back in time to be at the hospital while the tests were being run. I guess I can talk about it now since it is real and isn't necessarily anything. My sister discovered a suspicious mass, which turns out not to be breast cancer, just fibrous tissue. Something else there caught their eye though, and may be a sign of impending cancer, so there will be more tests. Scary stuff. It could be a while before anything is known, with how long it takes to get in for any procedures up in Spokane. This sure scares the crap out of all of us.

In horsey news, I've made Tonka a dental appointment for Tuesday. So his sharp broken canines will get fixed, and if there are any other issues they will be addressed. I can't wait! I love routine vet work (when I can afford it).

That's about all I have for now. I'm beat.


Lady Of Chaos said...

Well, I hope it's nothing. I've had several fiboriods removed as well as a few cysts drained. I get a mammogram every year now.

My mother has had breast cancer twice, both times they caught it early enough. This last time, she opted for a bilateral masectomy and reconstruction. She'll never have to worry about it again, but the rest of us... We worry plenty and it is scary. I'll be hoping that it's nothing for your sister.

froglander said...

I hope it all works out okay for your sister and hope Tonka's vet work goes smoothly :)