Monday, July 06, 2009

Just a few quick notes:

Tonka has a broken tooth! It's one of his canines, broken on the inside where you can feel it but not see it easily. It's very sharp. I'm going to have to call the dentist. I was going to have his teeth done this year anyway.

We're done with the hay! Yay!

Thank you all for your thoughts regarding euthanasia. I am still leaning toward having the old guy put down this fall. There's just not much to live for in the winter, and so many bad things could happen. I'm not going to make a concrete decision for a few months yet though.

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showbrat said...

I understand and think you are leaning in the right direction with the conditions you have described. It is hard, but it is our responsibility as their partners to help them in their times of need. I hate to see horses linger in pain sometimes for the sole purpose of making their humans feel better. You are a strong woman for being able to put his needs before yours.