Monday, July 06, 2009

Tonka gave me a scare today. When I came down the driveway and saw him out I was a little perplexed but not too worried that he'd be hurt. We have very safe HorseGuard fencing after all. But it turned out he decided to go through one of the few solid portions of the fence.
He's fine other than a cut along one hip that isn't really all that deep. But I got to thinking about all the "what if's" and my stomach got very sick. That gate and the chain... So many bad things could happen there. I'll be rebuilding it a little differently and getting a new gate.

I'll be at the Longview, Washington mustang adoption this coming weekend. Here are a couple horses in the corrals right now:

This one is my favorite but won't be at the adoption:

This one WILL be at the adoption (barring unforseen circumstances):
Both of the above are from Tonka's herd.

Go to this site for more pictures of the horses currently at the corrals in Burns, Oregon.

The horses that will be available in Longview are:
8631, 8662, 8679, 8680
8687, 8688, 8691, 8700
8763, 8768, 8777, 8780
8801, 8806, 8829, 8839
8847, 8865, 8939, 8951
8965, 8983
(You might double check though, I could have made a typo. And of course they don't totally guarantee the horse will be there. Something might happen to prevent a specific horse from making the trip.)


arlene said...

Did he jump the gate? Glad he's OK. Our fences are terrible. We're set up for cattle and have miles of barbed wire and electric fence. Do you have any idea why he would have decided to leave the pasture? Maybe something scared him.
As you can tell I'm a bit paranoid about fences right now...

Andrea said...

I don't know exactly how it went, but he bent the top of the gate and took out 3 rails of the fence.

My thoughts on why: Either Cisco pushed him into the corner and he didn't know what else to do, or he did a stupid horse thing and stuck his leg through the bottom rail of the fence, broke it, panicked, and jumped. Sadly, I think the second option is more likely.

arlene said...

He is lucky he didn't get hurt. I hope he learned a lesson anyway.

Lady Of Chaos said...

You can make it as safe as you think possible and they'll still hurt themselves on it. Don't beat yourself up about it. :)

Oh and I got the halter today. Thank you! It fits Jet perfectly. :)

Andrea said...

He is lucky he didn't get hurt worse. I'm lucky too! I have a lot emotionally invested in this horse. If anything ever happens to him I'm going to be a mess. But that's part of the price of admission.

Lady of Chaos - I'm glad the halter worked for you! I suppose it probably wouldn't fit your Arabs:)