Monday, July 20, 2009

Today I shall bore you with totally un-horse-related blather, followed by some boring horse-related blather.

I bought myself some clothes! I went to FOUR different stores, tried everything on, and actually came home with some decent looking stuff. I don't have to keep my two special "town shirts" on hold anymore. I swear, people probably think I only have two shirts. Most of my other stuff is all ratty though. I hate shopping, it actually makes me physically ill, and I feel so guilty when I spend money on clothes that it makes me hate it all the more. But I really needed some clothes. Both of those "town shirts" are over a year old and I'm lucky they've made it through so many washings. (Okay, okay, I over-dramatized a bit there. I just remembered I have two other shirts that are also passable for wearing to town.)

This morning I spent quite a bit of time watering the horses. Scout, he's a hose-puller. So I have to stand there and supervise him. The kids joined me, and Liam got a lesson in Scout-smacking. That horse is so pushy, especially to Liam because he's small. So Liam had to practice not getting out of Scout's way, and smacking or pushing him out of the way instead. He was very proud of his ability to make Scout back up. Until Scout pawed at him. That made Liam move. So I had him come back and back Scout up again.

Tonka hung around and learned to drink from the hose. Then he snoozed while I rubbed his chin and lips slowly and gently. I love his velvety muzzle.

Cisco hung out with us too, but he's not such and attention-leech, so he didn't get quite as much love. I think he was fine with that. He just took a nap instead.

Coda grazed wherever he wanted to for at least half the day. To be honest, I forgot all about him. Luckily Liam remembered to let him back in with his Soxy at some point. I'm sure he needed a drink by then.

The herd got their nasty Quest wormer today. Oh! I need to update their files. Glad I mentioned that. In case you'd like to know the boring details, Tonka weighs 1100+ pounds, Scout is about 650, Cisco is about 950, Soxy is a tidy 1000, and Coda is a light 900. He's been dropping weight, but I don't want to start him back on his special soaked slop until we get back from vacation, so he can continue to live with his woman until I get back and can go to the bother of separating him out for a little while every day so he can eat. Don't want to saddle anyone with that time-consuming task while I'm gone.

Okay, so that was most of my day. The rest I've mostly forgotten, so it must not be important, right? Other than a funny incident with the turkey, but you had to be there...


Anonymous said...

How do you calculate their weight - tape/formula?

Andrea said...

I just use a weight tape. I used to use a formula when I had horses too big for the weight tape. Haven't tried it with the light horses to see how it compares to the tape. Now I'm curious.

Michelle said...

Sounds like such a nice time with your horses. They are beautiful! Can't wait to learn more about you all through your site.