Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today I was back to my usual routine, kind of, and it really helped to be able to do things that felt normal. I got my trees watered and spent some time with the horses, sat around in a daze some, talked on the phone a fair amount, spent some time with the kids, did a little housework, read my book and lazed around with my husband. So, not a real active day, but it was at home with few demands and allowed me a little breathing time. I'm still one step away from tears a lot, but I feel a little better, for now.

The horses were so funny tonight. I went to pet them in the cooling dusk, with the nice breeze blowing on my back, and it was so relaxing. Scout and Tonka both have itchy tails. You should see the silly things they do! Scout was dancing from side to side as I scratched his tail, then contorted himself all the way around so he could chew on the end of his tailbone while I scratched the top. Tonka did the flehmen thing with grass hanging out of his mouth, wiggling his tail around and trying to reposition for an even better scratch, but he kept almost stepping on my feet in my flip-flops so I finally gave it up. Poor guys, they are pretty itchy. The flies have been bad. Cisco wouldn't admit he enjoyed his full-body scratching, he was too busy eating. But I think he must have liked it. When I came inside my hands were fully black from doing so much scratching and rubbing.

My sister rode her horse tonight and she said she felt more empowered, to still be able to do that. She's still having some pain from the biopsy but I think she managed to saddle her own horse. Earlier today I offered to go get Bella because I wasn't sure if they were in a hurry to have her gone. Amy cried and said she's not ready to give her up yet. So hopefully Bella can stay and help her get through this. Horse therapy is one of the best kinds!


Anonymous said...

Hope your sister keeps Bella around, at least for now - it would help her, I think, to have a horse to be around.

Linda said...

I agree. I think keeping a horse is imperative--90 percent of the battle is hope, and horses are a source of strength for us horse women. Do whatever it takes to keep her in the saddle!!

Andrea said...

Not to worry, she would have been keeping her one special horse regardless of whether she kept Bella. But I'm really glad she's keeping them both.