Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scout is getting so big. He's still got that young pup look, but he's pretty tall. Here he is doing a dance move with Cisco. Or maybe they're playing Rock Paper Scissors. Or for horses I guess it'd just be Rock Rock Rock.

He and Cisco are pretty darn near the same height.
Rumps are the same, withers have to catch up.
I had to throw in these next two pictures because I just love Tonka's expressive ears:

Scout's not quite as tall as Tonka yet, but I think he'll be at least as tall as him when he's done growing, considering he's only 18 months old. Cross your fingers for me that he doesn't get too tall. I might have to start doing yoga to stay limber.

I took his halter off and of course he had to start picking at Tonka.

Tonka was sleepy and didn't appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, as always! You've got to watch those big horses - as I get older I keep wishing for a smaller horse - my mare is 16.2 and I can no longer mount from the ground without a rock or stump to help out - the knees can't do it anymore. Next time I'm going for a smaller model!

Della said...

okay, that last picture made me laugh so hard I almost woke Ben up!!

Linda said...

Funny pictures! That Scout is a BIG boy!!

arlene said...

That bottom picture really needs a word balloon with something witty in it.

Andrea said...

Kate, I know what you mean! I am so happy Tonka isn't getting any taller. I've had tall horses and I like my shorter horses much better.

Thanks all for the picture compliments. I love that last picture too. I agree it needs some dialogue, but I'm just not coming up with much other than, "Ack!"

Michelle said...

I love these photos! How cute.

gtyyup said...

Great pics!! What a couple of characters!

Sorry I don't get around to everyone's blogs like in the winter...summer's just been so busy.

Your sister is in our prayers...she's very lucky to have you for support. Please know we're thinking of you all.