Thursday, July 30, 2009

Horse Thief!

My girl had a good time trying Tonka out without me on the end of a lead rope. Seeing my good horse taking care of my kid made me feel all mushy inside. Of course, he's still Tonka, so he's no kids' horse, but when he's in the right frame of mind he's safe. And he's sure a heck of a lot safer than the horse I was riding at her age!


Jessie said...

Tonka's on his way to becoming a great babysitter! He looks good and your daughter looks proud up there on him.

Stop by my blog and pick up your hug :-) When it was passed on to me I knew you had to be next in line.

Linda said...

What a good boy!

Lea said you have good news? Are you going to post it? :)

Andrea said...

Working on that good news post right now, actually. :)

Jessie, thanks for the hug! I totally needed that.

Sarah said... musta been havin' fun!

Andrea said...

There were LOTS more orbs in the picture before I edited it. All around Katia, not Tonka. I always thought they were just dust, but why not around the horse too?