Friday, July 31, 2009

Tonight in a kind of silly way I was reminded to look at all that I have to be thankful for. Just a couple songs coming on in succession on my iPod, but I don't believe it was a coincidence. As always, and more so than usual, I am thankful for my Damn Good Horse. We had a good ride tonight out at my friend's. He's becoming more of a Steady Eddie all the time. I did have to slap him upside the head once for getting irritated with me because I wouldn't let him pick on the dog. He knew I was right and he wasn't, so he took it in stride. Other than that he was a calm, mellow, responsive, good citizen.

I am also thankful to have such a wonderful, supportive family. Every single one of them. I tend to take them all for granted but I realize not everyone has it this good. We're not all perfect, but we all love each other.

I'm thankful for my friends. They may be few but they are gems.

I am ever so thankful for the light of the moon. It's magical.

I'm thankful for sleep. Although lately it's been filled with not-so-great dreams. But it's still sleep, and I love sleep. So, with that said, I'm off to bed.


Della said...

I am thankful for you as well. every day.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful post. A good ride on my horse often reminds me of all the things I am so glad to have in my life. Thanks for sharing!