Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't know, I think Scout may not be my horse. John keeps talking about how sweet he is, how he's like a big teddy bear. Yesterday I looked outside to see Scout missing, and went out to find them coming back from a little stroll.He had taken Cisco for a walk, and then Scout probably just offered himself up like he always does. It's hard to resiste putting a halter on him and taking him out for a while.

Later on we saddled up. Tonka got left at the trailer for a while and he was all worried about something when I got back to him. When he gets worried he gets a little pushy. I didn't put those two things together until the other day at the vet's. He was mostly a good boy, but kind of a pushy jerk, same as he was at Mustang Days.

Here's John riding Cisco. I think they made some definite progress yesterday. Cisco likes to ignore a turn signal and continue on where he wants to go, but with his head to the side. So John was having him move his hip over and that did the trick. He was especially good considering he hasn't been ridden since June.
We went and rode around the other side of the property, checking fence. There's some good grass back there and the wire fence isn't too bad. I think the old horses would respect it. So I might work on putting up some temporary fence to close it off so they can enjoy the green stuff. But Soxy is soooo fat. I wish I could just put Scout out on grass with Coda. Maybe I'll buy some more electric tape and string that up to keep him away from the wire. Sorry, thinking out loud...

This morning I woke up to my horse whinnying. He has a very distinctive hoarse whinny, you can always tell when it's Tonka. Scout doesn't whinny much but when he does it's more normal sounding. He sounds like a big horse. Anyway, I looked out the window and Cisco was gone. John had taken him for a walk again. He wants to get some exercise and bond with his horse at the same time. I can't wait until school starts and I can go with him.

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froglander said...

Scout is sure looking good!