Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today was weird. But, first and foremost, I should say my sister's chemo went great. She started to have a reaction in the beginning so they gave her extra benadryl, but other than that it all went smoothly and when she called me this afternoon she was amazingly upbeat. She said they visited with another couple most of the day and they had a good time. The only downside so far is that food already tastes wrong, and she's tired. But she had a big day, so that's to be expected. They left the house at 6am and didn't get home until about 6 this evening.

She'll start to get sick within the next two days or so. Unfortunately John isn't going to be home much for the next two weeks, so this ought to be interesting, with 5 kids hanging around, my sister's husband in harvest, and my mom already exhausted from getting my sister's house sterilized and getting the kids more organized so they don't have such a hard time cleaning up after themselves. Maybe I ought to take my mother-in-law up on the offer to take my kids to Glacier for a week.

Anway, we went for a little ride this morning, John, my dad, and I. You'd think we did a marathon, it wore me out so bad. But we only rode about 5-6 miles.

Here's my sweet Tonka:

John didn't know I was taking his picture, so he looks all expressionless and tough:

John and my dad having a chat:

The ag plane that was buzzing us a lot of the time:
It may look like we're on sand, but that's a real-life dirt road, not gravel. You don't want to try to drive on it when it's wet. It's not possible.

It wasn't a great ride, but it wasn't terrible. Tonka was in a hurry and pretty goosey on the way out and really slow on the way back. Cisco and Sox seemed to be pretty well behaved, but then I wasn't riding them and sometimes horses are subtle...

Tonight I rearranged the horses so my dad could bring his horse here for the week. I put Soxy with Tonka and Cisco, since they don't need extra feed, and I was going to leave Scout with Coda. I had passed out due to my extreme exhaustion, and woke up to my dad yelling outside. They (Cisco and Tonka) had chased Soxy to exhaustion. She was soaking wet, shaking, and breathing like a freight train, not to mention dripping a little blood from numerous cuts and contusions all along one side. I was totally confused and out of it, having just woken up rather suddenly. I am really glad my dad saw what was going on. We rescued her and walked her for a long time until she was dry and had quit breathing so hard, then I took her back in with Coda. He was very concerned about her. You should have seen him tenderly greeting her. I gave her some banamine as a precautionary measure. I'm sure her old muscles are not going to be happy. She was having trouble walking. It scared me.

Speaking of which, I need to go check on them one last time and feed them.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea, you must take care of yourself. Passing out is not a good thing. Let your inlaws help you. You will be no help to anyone if you make yourself sick. I am glad her chemo went well. I prayed for her yesterday. I don't mean to sound like I am grouching at you but I care. Just your friend.

Andrea said...

Oh no, I didn't really pass out. Sorry! Bad wording. I was just really, really tired and couldn't stay awake. I am not that bad off yet. I promise.