Monday, August 24, 2009

I had a rough day and then my horse made it all better. This picture is from yesterday. Isn't he handsome?!?!

Tonight it was too dark to take pictures, but I rode him at my sister's and she gave me some pointers on getting started in this dressage thing. I realized she knows enough to get me going, so I won't have to shell out a lot of money for lessons yet.

There's a big purple moose at my sister's house. Her name is Hope and she's a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Someone sneaks her into your yard and you have to pay $20 to have her moved to someone else's yard. The community was really happy to put her in my sister's yard, seeing as she has cancer and all. The horses weren't as thrilled about it. She's wearing a grass skirt and a lei, and her big antlers (do real girl moose have antlers? I don't think so.) Anyway, I'm sure her antlers are scary.

Tonka met Hope tonight. He was really pretty good about it. Did a pretty high-headed pose for several minutes and then went up to greet her. Then he tore her grass skirt off. Boys!

We had a very short ride, since my brother-in-law had parked his combine and that sent my sister running in, eager for him to come home. He's not home much during harvest.

The ride was short but good. I love that saddle. I may never ride in my western saddle again. Just kidding, I'd hate to scratch up this nice dressage saddle out on the trail. It's a fairly top-of-the-line saddle from what I understand. I know it feels like something special. It's a Rembrandt, from before the company was sold and they started making cheaper saddles. The leather is superb, it's super cushy, and it's very secure. I even stayed right in place through a little spook-jump yesterday.

My grandpa has carcinoma now too. Don't know how far it's spread yet, but they noticed it in his ear lobe. Could be in his glands in his neck. If everyone's going to get cancer anyway, can I start smoking again?

My sister got her first infection. Sinus infection. Chemo killed her immune system pretty well already. Her doctor chewed her out for going out in public. Said if she does, she needs to be very careful, only go early in the morning when nobody is out yet, and wear a mask and sanitize hands constantly. My sister had been confused about what she should and shouldn't do, having heard that some people even go to work during chemo. But that's a different kind of chemo. With this "cocktail" she shouldn't leave home unless she's going totally stir-crazy and then she needs to take serious precautions. She was careful, but maybe not careful enough. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if this came from the dust in the air around the horses (and harvest is a very dusty time as well).

I realized I've been in denial about this whole cancer thing lately. I guess that's one way to cope. But it hit me as real again today. I don't like it. To put it mildly.

Anyway, back to my horse. I am so blessed to have him. He makes life more bearable. Even if is his naughty and tries to get his teeth on me! He doesn't try all that hard, or I'd be bit, but he does test the waters at times. My sister said tonight, "You chose him. He is what he is." She's right. He's a persistent tester. But I love him anyway. Sometimes he brings tears of awe to my eyes, just looking at him. Amazing what a horse can do for the heart.

I'm tired. And my Poufy Little Puppy is alseep under my feet. I think I'll follow his example. Wish I could sleep like a baby. I used to be able to sleep great no matter what, and even better when stressed. I've been having trouble with that lately... Good night!


froglander said...

He looks very handsome in that saddle! Can't wait to see you guys riding :)

chook said...

i second froglander. your baby is looking very classic with that gear.

i think i prefer riding english; i just feel more in contact with the horse. and more muscles get used.

but a western saddle is great when you need something to grab onto.


i hope your sister finds that balance between staying healthy during treatment and the happy little things like being around horses.

Kate said...

He is lovely - dressage saddles are very comfy and secure. Best wishes to your sister.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Hes buuuuuuuuuuuutiful. Hope you enjoy dressage. Will we see you Thursday.

JackieB said...

Tonka looks very handsome. Hope you both enjoy dressage.

My husband had a transplant several years ago, so he's always immune suppressed. He's doing well now, but he catches nearly every cold that goes around his office. Occasionally he gets rare illnesses that are hard to diagnose. The last time that happened he got a bug from our new puppy. Three trips to the ER, 3 week-long hospital stays and they eventually figured out what he had. So be sure your sister avoids puppy kisses too. I think you may be right about barn and harvest dust being a possible source of her sinus infection. Does she have nice masks to wear?

I frequently have trouble sleeping due to stress. My usual "sleeping pill" is a dry book. A good novel can keep me up all night, but a good text book will usually have me yawning within a few pages.

Best of luck to you and your family.