Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quick Poll:
Imagine you're going to buy a 3 strikes mustang.
Would you prefer a yearling or 10-12 year old?
(No other ages available.)
Would you prefer a mare or gelding? Would you take a stallion?
Include your reasoning if you have time, I'm interested to see what you all say. I surprised myself when I thought about what I would want and why. Not that I actually want another right now.


arlene said...

I'd go for a yearling gelding. I like young boys.

arlene said...

That sounded a bit perverted lol. I really prefer male horses, also I've never had a horse that young and would love to try.

Andrea said...

Lol, that does sound funny! But I know what you mean.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I would take an older mare. We have had good luck with older horses. I always prefer a mare.

Penny said...

Probably a yearling gelding as well. That way you could (potentially) have a year or two to 'desensitize' it before you ride it. Plus mares when they come into season are not pretty or friendly in my experience :D

Anonymous said...

My inital choice would be an older mare, but considering that we currently have 5 mares and one old geezer maybe a gelding would be a nice change.

I believe that yearlings are more likely to be adopted first, so I have a tendancy to choose the ones less likely to find a home.

froglander said...

I like the idea of the older ones because with a youngster (especially if it is your only horse and you don't have a big field to turn them out in to spend some time growing up) you have to wait so long to be able to climb on. I've also always liked mares without having any major heat issues, but I am enjoying my gelding as well so either really, depends on the horse.

Kara said...

That's a really hard question and it really depends on what your goal with adopting is. If I just wanted to give a horse a home that didn't have much of a chance of being adopted at all, I'd probably take an older mare. But if I really wanted to take an animal and possibly prepare it for a life in captivity (either for myself of with the intention of preparing it for someone else), I'd take a younger horse. And I would be fine with either a gelding or a filly (or a young stallion - I've had no problems with my 2 year old mustang stallion).

And which I would actually do, given the chance, would depend on life circumstances at the moment.

Flying Cowgirl said...

I'd choose a yearling gelding, if I had the choice.

Andrea said...

Thanks everyone! I'll pass it on to Tracey at MustangU. She's getting ready to pick up a few horses for gentling and was wondering what people would be more likely to adopt.